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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BJP 3.0 : What i see in Amit Shah's Elevation.


Protagonist: Narendra Modi.

Alter ego: Amit Shah.

Skill: Master Strategist and organization man.

Misbehavior: Brash and naive to Delhi politics.

Achilles heel/ Flaw: The judicial tangle and an image of being a murder accused.

External goal: To overcome opposition and install the party into power in all the states due for election and to establish BJP as the strongest national force.

Internal goal: 

  • To uphold his loyalty to Modi. 
  • To install a third generation of leaders handpicked and groomed as well as influenced by Modi politics and ideology. 
  • To create a new set of leadership on the foundations laid by Narendra Modi and who would be ready to take the mantle of leadership by 2024.

Main dramatic conflict: 

  • Circumstances
  • Rival parties
  • Resentment from within.

Theme: Hardball Politics.

Central dramatic question: 

  • Will Shah conquer the elections and complete the establishment of Modi supremacy?
  • Will he create a force i.e. a new generation of leadership founded on the principles of his mentor Modi?

Modi has established full control of  both the government and his party by having Amit Shah appointed as BJP President. Amit Shah is there because he understands Modi like no one else does. Such is the nature of their relationship that Shah possibly sees himself as Modi's alter ego in many respects. Modi has stood by Amit Shah through his worst travails in Gujarat when the latter was arrested and put in jail in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter killing case. Modi rehabilitated Shah after his release from prison on bail and later gave him the responsibility of managing UP in the general elections. Shah had proved his skills in Gujarat at managing assembly victories with small percentage vote shifts. The UP election outcome pitchforked Amit Shah to another league altogether as an organisation man.The Gujarat politician is looking at a bigger political challenge: engineering a BJP win in state assembly elections this year. For that, he may go for a complete overhaul of the party and bring in a new team of younger leaders, both at the centre and in the states. By which he seeks to create an entire new generation of leadership based on the ideology of Modi and who would take his vision forward when the time comes. 

In this mission, Shah would give his best shot at overpowering all the rivals from within and outside. He, with this successfully will establish the Modi supremacy and also create a force that could carry his legacy forward. Because Amit Shah before anything is a master of his game which he has time and again proved. He knows"not to tell a man to go to hell unless he can send him there"and that is how good he is at his art. So i don't for a second doubt in believing he would turn his goals into reality.

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