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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

You Are Being Watched

Under observation, we are less free. Which means we are effectively less free. The body of people that are being observed here is the politicians and their corruption. The system observing them is the judiciary of India. Though surveillance is a curtailment of individual’s liberty, it becomes a necessary evil in the case of politicians. Following the recent judicial trends, the judgments in fodder scam (Lalu Prasad yadav), Teacher recruitment scam (O.P.Chauthala), Disproportionate assets scam (J. Jayalaitha) proves that nobody whether a regional satrap or a national player can get away from the ever watchful eyes of omnipotent and omnipresent judiciary of India.

Now taking a look at the politicians who are undergoing trial or are a part of a scandal or scam that has legal implications have the following to say:

Businessman- Politician Y.S.Jagan Reddy has it
Ever greedy Karunanidhhi & Co has it
Disgraced Telecom Raja has it
Olympian Kalmadi has it
Suave & Stylish Shashi Tharoor has it
Nonetheless “First Family” also has it

For all the above, and many around what I’m talking is “Faith” in judiciary. And their faith shall be affirmed just like in the case of their colleague’s Lalu Yadav or Jayalalitha’s has been affirmed and upheld when they were convicted for their involvement in their respective scams.

Judiciary is watching you

A fine fact that should be elucidated from these trends is “Justice is delayed but not denied”. It is only a matter of time before these cases under investigation will reach their legal end. It’s not the number of convictions that matter, but it is the faith of the people that judiciary upholds and gives them a guarantee that guardian of their rights is watching over people who try to wrong them.

Beware “You Are Being Watched” and there is no escape.  

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