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Sunday, 28 August 2016


This is the text of his comments
I have recently come across a friend’s reaction for my blog on ongoing Kashmir issue. He has a completely delusional and contrived position about the issue which extends to supporting violence. He didn’t mention my name but I have mentioned his, which is Puneeth Reddy Mandadi, instead of calling him an unemployed engineer and a Civil Services aspirant. I would appreciate if he acknowledges me the next time. In the light of him wanting to serve us all, there is a duty on us to enlighten him because, we are definitely not ready for sympathizers of violence and people who degrade their own mother land for petty reasons to be our servants.

I have produced his comments in verbatim along with my reaction.

It was about stone pelters and why sympathising them in the valley(J&K), first thing J&K any day is a part of India which is non negotiable(ARTICLE 1 INDIAN CONSTITUTION there shall be no secession only territories will be acquired)

Firstly, it’s difficult to understand half baked and improper sentences. In my post I have clearly stated with utmost clarity that I don’t support stone pelters, be it for reasons as serious as the issue in Kashmir or as trivial as a University protest. There are different forms of protest, but this way of protest which is violent has consequences and that is pellet shots.

How can anyone agree with a form of protest that involves violence? Whatever is the demand, using violent means to protest is not something that is permitted under the law of any land in the world we live in. Therefore I don’t sympathize or empathize with stone pelters. Your views of sympathizing with these pelters are highly alarming in the light of your Civils aspirations and your views can be considered as borderline naxalism.

Secondly when you ppl want to revoke all the cases and allegations against the students from Telangana universities who were agitating against GOI  and then the government of united Andhrapradesh, why cant you sympathise some young juveniles and some young indians who lost sight because of the pellet guns

Yeah for me a regionist and religionist are both ar equally insane and in both the cases they were young fragile minds which were badly influenced by fanatic forces

(Oh, the grammar again)

I hope the absurdity of this statement is not lost on all of you because our friend here just equated Telangana with Kashmir. Kashmir moment has for long camouflaged itself as a regional issue in the guise of a secessionist moment.  It is in last 10 years that this secession moment has turned into a moment with extreme religious views. As I am sure you are all aware with all your attempts of preparing for Civils, a religious moment can never be compared with a regional moment. Religion is a veneer which can often degrade into lowest form of depravity like ISIS and Taliban. A movement within the framework of existing laws and moments outside that framework have severe levels of barriers separating each other. Therefore, your reference to Telangana moment (to which your Grandfather devoted most of his life) is an insult to the people’s movement of Telangana. This moment to create a separate Telangana was within the framework of our Constitution and the young people who fought for it had utmost faith in the system of this country unlike the people you want to get into bed with.

The Telangana moment was one of those rare occurrences in the modern history of this country which touched every soul. A woman living opposite to our house has expressed her support to this moment by including the slogan of Jai Telangana in her rangoli. This moment has influenced such women who are usually skeptical about politics. I assure you that there is no other moment equivalent to this in the post independent India other than the fight against the emergency which has touched so many people from every walk of life.

So please, whatever be the reason for your post to challenge me, which is legitimate, please do not bring in your personal prejudices, whatever they may be and against whomever they may be and do not insult “Mother Telanagna” by degrading it to a level where you compare it with Kashmir which is a moment against this country and against whatever we stand for. Being a Telangana bidda have some regard for the land that you were born in. Don’t ever compare this great moment which adhered to the principles of Constitution and ethos of our law to a moment that is masquerading as struggle.

Our friend doesn’t just stop from comparing two incomparable examples but even goes a step ahead and seeks sympathy for those young Indians who pick up arms or should I say stones against the nation which injure security forces. May be, our friend here lives in his own illusions where pelting stones and rebelling against your nation is permissible and also sympathized. The bottom line is that only a moron justifies an oxymoron. For stone pelting please refer to my first explanation.  

The bottom line is “Should is shudder in fear or hang in shame for having had a friend like you” who equates Telangana biddalu to separatists or for the fact that you want to be a Civil servant with these dangerous thoughts.

And the most funniest thing is comparing j&k with palestine ar u islamophobic or wat???

The only obvious funny thing here is your blindness to reason and also to plain English.  I stated that Kashmiri Muslims borrowed this great art of throwing stones from their brothers and sisters in Palestine. As far as English language is concerned that is where the comparison ends. I have no doubt as to the validity of that assertion. Our friend here is most certainly has his limitations when it comes to the matters of common sense. The only thing I equated between Kashmiri Muslims and Palestine Muslims is the connection forged by stone pelting, which also happens to be an irrefutable point. First he thinks quoting a fact is funny and secondly, he also thinks that it makes me Islamophobic. Well, my dear just quoting an example of a Muslim population belonging to a region doesn’t make Islamophobic, hating them and not wanting their existence would make me one.

As you are very well aware of my political position with regards to my support to Israel, I have also been sympathetic to the senseless suffering that Palestine children and women at the behest of violent forces.

Finally J&K issue shall be resolved within the framework of the constitution but not completely consolidating the power on the will of the people, you should pacify them rather than crushing them with your extremist rhetoric.

You know what; you got two things right with this one line, the grammar and its support to my entire argument. I see that you have got a lot of things jumbled up here from equating stone pelting to empathy and to then again indulge in a delusion that violence has to be addressed with inaction. As far as I understand the Constitution of India, it stands against violence and secession.  However, what you wrote now does not have any bearing to your initial gems of wisdom because, where violence is sympathized and empathized. But remember this, there can be only one framework under law to deal with violence and that is restoration of order.

Dear Puneeth, in India power is always consolidated on peoples will which they express through the ballot. India as well as Jammu & Kashmir have both expressed their will in the recent elections and that has bestowed the government legitimate power to impose curfew and to repel violence of stone pelters by using whatever means necessary. Thankfully it does not include pacifying anti India elements. If you have imagined some other process of consolidating power then you should urgently find a country that follows a system of your delusions because here we believe in the will of people.  As I see that you have a fascination for the word crushing, it is you who is crushing us with these extremely poor and dim-witted statements more than anything or anybody.

PS: I really hope your Civils preparations are going on in the right earnest. One small suggestion, please prepare well for writing in English as your grammar seems to be slightly awry.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


On 17 January 2016, 27-year-old PhD. scholar Rohith Vemula committed suicide at the University of Hyderabad campus. We all know how the events unfolded after this incident. This matter is back in news with a one member panel constituted BY MHRD submitting its report on the incident.  This made me reflect back on the whole incident and I could only draw one conclusion out of it.

Let me put it bluntly – For a guy who was also an activist, often in conflicts, to be committing suicide for merely being thrown out of the University hostel is nothing short of cowardice”.

Instead of being a coward, Rohith should have learnt from his idol Dr BR Ambedkar. Despite being exceptionally talented, even Ambedkar had to undergo discrimination and humiliation before emerging as the icon for independent India. There are often these “poetic” gathering of morons at campuses who refer to themselves as Ambedkarites. The only thing these morons accomplish is sloganeering, this is because, unlike our inspirational Ambedkar, who put in his sweat and blood for the causes he believed in, these delusional poets only dream.

In his suicide note, Rohith requests his pending seven months scholarship of Rs 175000 to be given to his family. This is one more gem of a line as it teaches an important lesson of life. “One should work hard on helping and changing his/her own family conditions before taking a plunge into solving world’s problems”. When you don’t even understand this basic covenant of existence, well, you are doomed from the start. There is no perfect example to prove this than the Rohith episode. If he was a pragmatist instead of being a coward, he would have thought about his family, especially mother, who struggled poverty and social discrimination to ensure a good education for him.

“Even after 67 years of Independence there are class differences and caste discrimination but we should ‘Love our Nation'. If you are a Muslim, it is better to not get into an argument with a Hindu and if you are a Dalit, never look at any Savarna personh eye-to-eye. All this might trigger massive communal violence. ‘Independence Day Greetings!'. You should love your country and your love for the country is gauged with your hatred for other countries. Just curse a fellow Pakistani and you will be regarded as nationalist,” reads Rohits post on August 15, 2013. This establishes one thing beyond reasonable doubt, which is the idiom “Easier said than done”. If he was man of actions, learning from his icon Ambedkar, who fought poverty and social discrimination to ensure equality, Rohith Vemula should have preferred to fight the system instead of quitting. 

In conclusion, a coward called Rohith Vemula commits suicide at Hyderabad University and Sickular policitians and media pimps run to Hyderabad to scavenge over his dead body and engineer a national calamity by calling it “murder” and “murder of democracy”. Some of them went till the extent of glorifying suicide and immortalising a coward who took his life instead of fighting for what he believed. The media should stop being Jaundiced and prejudiced against anything that does not suit their sick agenda, because, there were tons of such suicides and never did the media romanticize so much with them. The one thing that media and Rohith Vemula family should remember here is, no mother in this country would want her child to give up without a fight like Rohith did and all they would remember him for would be his cowardice. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Healing Touch and Kashmir Valley, an Oxymoron

After I finished watching the Prime Minister’s third I-Day speech, I was flipping through the national media channels and I decided to stick to a program in India Today. Here, Rajdeep Sardesai moderated a discussion in India Today channel, where the panel of eight panelists from different walks of life were rating the Prime Minister’s speech.  As the moderator started dwelling into various parts of the speech, he says “should the Prime Minister have addressed the ongoing unrest in Kashmir”. Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj Abhiyan, who the moderator claims is a man in touch with ground realities of this nation, makes a bold statement that the Prime Minister should have at least spoken about the situation in Kashmir as they were in need of a “healing touch”.  This statement which was supported by the congress panelist got me thinking on few things, which I shall list out now.

Do people in the Kashmir valley, who sympathize with a terrorist, really deserve a healing touch?

I have no doubt that the Kashmiri terrorist Burhan Wani, whose death has triggered these events, was hunted down and killed by our security forces. This event in any other part of the country would evoke appreciation and respect for our armed forces. But in our Kashmir valley these incidents make our beloved citizens teary eyed. The Kashmir Valley is thus no stranger to the emotional roller coaster ride of public opinion. The current unrest is thus no different from its several earlier avatars like the 2010 agitation. The mourners in the valley chant 'azadi' (freedom) in the funeral of the terrorist; in effect they want an independent Kashmir valley! The absurdity of this should not be lost here, as these are a group of people who think they are wronged by history and they refuse to move on. But one thing these people forget about is that rest of their countrymen have been wronged by history at some point or other, but they have moved on from sulking and whining to the path of economic progress. So, I don’t think they need any healing touch for their absurdity.

 Does stone pelting warrant a wave of sympathy for pelters?

As is tradition with Kashmiri muslims, the first thing they resort to is riot and use their best form of weaponry – Stones! It’s a form of rioting borrowed from their brothers and sisters in Palestine in what is called “Intifada”. And everybody joins in and it is a lot more dangerous on Fridays. This exact scenario has been playing in the valley for more than a month now. But this time there have been other dimensions to this stone-pelting business. From behind kids and young men, there were rioters who were throwing grenades at our jawans. That is stretching it beyond tolerance. And rightfully, the jawans shot metal pellets at the rioters that caused injuries to many, some of them serious. One shouldn’t expect to continuously throw stones and grenades and expect to be greeted with flowers and appreciation. Can you imagine the situation where stone pelters have to be sympathised with and what consequences such an act of sympathy would lead to? It would encourage people in rest of the country to throw stones for fulfilling their demands, which would create chaos and affect the rule of law in the country. Finally, what these people deserve is swift justice and not a wave of sympathy.

 Does our heart bleed for the situation in valley?

Yes, it certainly does but that is for our jawans and security forces. This is because, we would rather see a dozen Wanis and pelters killed outright than even have ONE of our jawans even injured. Our heart doesn’t bleed for people as, the first and most important point about the current unrest is the limited nature of its geographic spread. The unrest and violence is confined to the Kashmir valley with not a squeak from the Jammu, Kargil and Ladakh divisions. It is clear that the separatists and their followers have no support in the rest of J&K. It is bogus for them to claim to be talking of J&K and its future. If there is something that these recent events have uncovered, then it is undoubtedly the idea of secession based on extremist religious identity. India is home to all the world's religions and over 180 million Muslims. If 180 million Muslims can be part of India, what is the basis on which the 4 or 5 million Muslims in the Kashmir Valley wish to secede? Everybody in this country including us should set the record straight and equivocally make it clear to our fellow citizens of the valley that Indian Constitution gives all the fundamental rights to its citizens, including Kashmiri’s, and thus we reject the demands for secession based on religious identity and our hearts don’t bleed for stone pelters and secessionists.

In conclusion, what our liberal, communist media and civil society should realize is that there is a sea of other people in this country whose voices and problems deserve the nation’s attention rather than our stone pelting Kashmiri citizens who have no regard for what they have been given. These other people belonging to host of other states are law abiding citizens whose problems and concerns go unanswered because our media and activists are so engaged in providing healing touch to law breakers, stone pelters and terrorist sympathizers of the Kashmir valley.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

NJAC judgment: Reasons why Supreme Court is holier than thou
-Manoj Reddy.K

The Supreme Court judgment on 16 October has declared two things without any further room for doubt. First, it has held the National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) which was brought into force by the 99 amendment as unconstitutional. Second, by arriving at such conclusion few of the reasoning’s given by the majority of the bench reaffirm that Supreme Court of India considers itself to be “holier than thou” in respect to other institutions like Civil society and parliament.

On Civil Society:
Firstly, the distaste of the apex court on the civil society with respect to them playing a major role in the appointment process is evident from what Justice Khehar writes in his majority judgment. He writes that it is difficult to repose faith and confidence in the civil society at the present juncture for a simple reason that it is not sufficiently motivated to act in deterrent to the political executive establishment. The only purpose such argument serves is their own purpose of being self anointed saviors of the democracy and its basic structure.
Secondly, the veto power given to the eminent persons ensures a system of checks and balances by ensuring that tyranny of majority does not affect the process of appointments and also brings in a shared sense of responsibility. The Supreme Court would have used the tools at its disposal to enumerate proper guidelines that would have to be followed by the panel for selection of such eminent members. But instead the court has decided to throw the baby away with bathwater which only assures of its self promoting interests.

On Government:
Firstly, it is the conclusion of the court that the inclusion of Law minister in the appointment process vitiates the separation of powers and independence of the judiciary. The court has reached this conclusion by arguing that the biggest litigator cannot be made a part of the process of selection as it amounts to erosion of the independence of the judiciary. This reasoning is a flawed one as the government rarely has any personal interest in the litigation or its outcome barring very minimal cases of political importance. The outcome of such litigation does not have any bearing whatsoever on the concerned minister or a bureaucrat. It is a figment of court’s imagination that every litigation involving the govt makes the person in charge an interested party.
Secondly, the court in its reasoning for disagreeing with the inclusion of Law minister have warned us off adverse consequences of politicians being a part of the selection process. Through this logic it clearly makes its contempt and mistrust on the elected representatives evident by conveniently ignoring the fact that it is they who represent the will of the people which is sovereign in a democracy.
Thirdly, Justice Lokur in his opinion has even ventured to an extent that he has opined that the executive which means any dispensation at the centre, might have objections with the sexual orientation of a person being considered for appointment. Whereas the chief justice of India would not consider such facts to impair a person’s ability to discharge functions that are bestowed on him.  This shows the hypocrisy of the court as it was the same court with its conservative anarchic mindset has championed the cause of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code which criminalizes sex against order of nature against the judgement of Delhi High Court which struck it down. It also goes to show in what esteem it holds the government as the present executive means the government of the day. This goes on to show the mistrust of judiciary with other organs of the constitution with whom it was envisaged to coexist but not to usurp their domain and judge them.

On Politicians:
The reasoning of the court with respect to ensuring independence of judiciary has been rooted in characterizing politicians as the nemesis to the idea of protecting and ensuring an independent judiciary.
The Court has sequentially portrayed itself to be the guardian and protector of democracy and democratic values in India. This can be noted from Justice Khehar’s majority judgement where he has quoted the remarks of L.KAdvani with respect to forces that could crush democracy being active and supported the same with the incidents pertaining to resignations of governors with respect to which he stated that one wonders whether all these were voluntary. The construction of this premise of forces crushing democracy and quoting incidents with respect to governors goes onto show how the court has established itself as a champion and politicians as characters in negative roles.
It is the court which has ventured into happenings like resignations of civil servants and other person holding high positions in institutions of significance and by linking them to the comments made by Advani it is the judiciary which clearly and cleverly tried to malign the image of the government by connecting it to those incidents by stating that it reflects the spoils system.

On a parting note the court has acted as a one man army for the cause of ensuring protection of independence of judiciary by undermining and ignoring some important covenants of our democracy like the elected government which represents the will of the sovereign and the executive. The one essential inference that court failed to draw because of its holier than thou attitude is that it was the will of an unanimous parliament and 20 state assemblies which represent the wishes of Indian public that they no longer trusted the judiciary alone to appoint its own brethren and that is primarily why they did not envisage for judicial primacy in the NJAC. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

You Are Being Watched

Under observation, we are less free. Which means we are effectively less free. The body of people that are being observed here is the politicians and their corruption. The system observing them is the judiciary of India. Though surveillance is a curtailment of individual’s liberty, it becomes a necessary evil in the case of politicians. Following the recent judicial trends, the judgments in fodder scam (Lalu Prasad yadav), Teacher recruitment scam (O.P.Chauthala), Disproportionate assets scam (J. Jayalaitha) proves that nobody whether a regional satrap or a national player can get away from the ever watchful eyes of omnipotent and omnipresent judiciary of India.

Now taking a look at the politicians who are undergoing trial or are a part of a scandal or scam that has legal implications have the following to say:

Businessman- Politician Y.S.Jagan Reddy has it
Ever greedy Karunanidhhi & Co has it
Disgraced Telecom Raja has it
Olympian Kalmadi has it
Suave & Stylish Shashi Tharoor has it
Nonetheless “First Family” also has it

For all the above, and many around what I’m talking is “Faith” in judiciary. And their faith shall be affirmed just like in the case of their colleague’s Lalu Yadav or Jayalalitha’s has been affirmed and upheld when they were convicted for their involvement in their respective scams.

Judiciary is watching you

A fine fact that should be elucidated from these trends is “Justice is delayed but not denied”. It is only a matter of time before these cases under investigation will reach their legal end. It’s not the number of convictions that matter, but it is the faith of the people that judiciary upholds and gives them a guarantee that guardian of their rights is watching over people who try to wrong them.

Beware “You Are Being Watched” and there is no escape.  

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BJP 3.0 : What i see in Amit Shah's Elevation.


Protagonist: Narendra Modi.

Alter ego: Amit Shah.

Skill: Master Strategist and organization man.

Misbehavior: Brash and naive to Delhi politics.

Achilles heel/ Flaw: The judicial tangle and an image of being a murder accused.

External goal: To overcome opposition and install the party into power in all the states due for election and to establish BJP as the strongest national force.

Internal goal: 

  • To uphold his loyalty to Modi. 
  • To install a third generation of leaders handpicked and groomed as well as influenced by Modi politics and ideology. 
  • To create a new set of leadership on the foundations laid by Narendra Modi and who would be ready to take the mantle of leadership by 2024.

Main dramatic conflict: 

  • Circumstances
  • Rival parties
  • Resentment from within.

Theme: Hardball Politics.

Central dramatic question: 

  • Will Shah conquer the elections and complete the establishment of Modi supremacy?
  • Will he create a force i.e. a new generation of leadership founded on the principles of his mentor Modi?

Modi has established full control of  both the government and his party by having Amit Shah appointed as BJP President. Amit Shah is there because he understands Modi like no one else does. Such is the nature of their relationship that Shah possibly sees himself as Modi's alter ego in many respects. Modi has stood by Amit Shah through his worst travails in Gujarat when the latter was arrested and put in jail in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter killing case. Modi rehabilitated Shah after his release from prison on bail and later gave him the responsibility of managing UP in the general elections. Shah had proved his skills in Gujarat at managing assembly victories with small percentage vote shifts. The UP election outcome pitchforked Amit Shah to another league altogether as an organisation man.The Gujarat politician is looking at a bigger political challenge: engineering a BJP win in state assembly elections this year. For that, he may go for a complete overhaul of the party and bring in a new team of younger leaders, both at the centre and in the states. By which he seeks to create an entire new generation of leadership based on the ideology of Modi and who would take his vision forward when the time comes. 

In this mission, Shah would give his best shot at overpowering all the rivals from within and outside. He, with this successfully will establish the Modi supremacy and also create a force that could carry his legacy forward. Because Amit Shah before anything is a master of his game which he has time and again proved. He knows"not to tell a man to go to hell unless he can send him there"and that is how good he is at his art. So i don't for a second doubt in believing he would turn his goals into reality.

Monday, 12 May 2014


This day marks an end to the longest general election  ever conducted in India and probably across the globe. Along with that after watching one of the last interviews of Narendra Modi this election season, makes me sad that a historic campaign has reached its conclusion. In every sense of the word the campaign of Modi for BJP has been nothing but historical from the rally of ex servicemen in Rewari to the road show of Varanasi. It has been an amazing journey into the politics which was as thrilling as a Tarantino's movie and as intriguing as watching The Matrix. 

After the conclusion of these elections i feel a great sense of pride and fulfillment for believing in the "Right" party and a right candidate for the country. Every speech, every rally , every meeting and every interview Modi has shown same vision , strength, objectivity and a proper perspective and guts in answering every question asked by media , majority of whom are hostile towards him and yet there are no flaws. The speeches the approach and the style  was so understandable and clear that it reaches the heart of a common man with no difficulty. There should be no two ways in accepting that this campaign and this man have touched and reached out to millions of people and created awareness about issues in some form or other.  This is one campaign that was shouldered by one single man whose responsibility was nothing less than that of "Neo", the chosen one in Matrix, who has put in sweat and blood into the campaign and in infusing the cadre as well as the masses with energy. 

It has been an absolute pleasure following these elections and what makes them a "Blockbuster" success is the campaign of Narendra Modi. Be it the remarks like "Shehzada", "Maa Bete Ki Sarkar", "Recounting Minister", or my favourite remark of Modi "AK49" which is aimed at the man who is always in hurry without a plan i.e. Arvind Kejriwal which have been added in a right proportion to the issues. The campaign was never off the track or out of focus and its been a fascinating game of power. This is Modi politics at its very best. Thank you, Narendra Modi.

Tail piece: Writing a blog post on Modi and not ending it with the most popular slogan of the general election 2014 would be a disgrace to the campaign . Isi liye " ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR".