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Monday, 12 May 2014


This day marks an end to the longest general election  ever conducted in India and probably across the globe. Along with that after watching one of the last interviews of Narendra Modi this election season, makes me sad that a historic campaign has reached its conclusion. In every sense of the word the campaign of Modi for BJP has been nothing but historical from the rally of ex servicemen in Rewari to the road show of Varanasi. It has been an amazing journey into the politics which was as thrilling as a Tarantino's movie and as intriguing as watching The Matrix. 

After the conclusion of these elections i feel a great sense of pride and fulfillment for believing in the "Right" party and a right candidate for the country. Every speech, every rally , every meeting and every interview Modi has shown same vision , strength, objectivity and a proper perspective and guts in answering every question asked by media , majority of whom are hostile towards him and yet there are no flaws. The speeches the approach and the style  was so understandable and clear that it reaches the heart of a common man with no difficulty. There should be no two ways in accepting that this campaign and this man have touched and reached out to millions of people and created awareness about issues in some form or other.  This is one campaign that was shouldered by one single man whose responsibility was nothing less than that of "Neo", the chosen one in Matrix, who has put in sweat and blood into the campaign and in infusing the cadre as well as the masses with energy. 

It has been an absolute pleasure following these elections and what makes them a "Blockbuster" success is the campaign of Narendra Modi. Be it the remarks like "Shehzada", "Maa Bete Ki Sarkar", "Recounting Minister", or my favourite remark of Modi "AK49" which is aimed at the man who is always in hurry without a plan i.e. Arvind Kejriwal which have been added in a right proportion to the issues. The campaign was never off the track or out of focus and its been a fascinating game of power. This is Modi politics at its very best. Thank you, Narendra Modi.

Tail piece: Writing a blog post on Modi and not ending it with the most popular slogan of the general election 2014 would be a disgrace to the campaign . Isi liye " ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR". 

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