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Monday, 10 March 2014

                     A Cynic's view on classroom GROUPS

A group is a representation of your thoughts, fears, feelings, strengths and insecurities. The reason of its existence is the depiction of one’s own feelings thoughts and ideas with much more strength and conviction due to the sheer advantage of number of people backing your stupidity or brilliance which is up to the situation to decide. It creates a sense of support, as backing your stupidity even when your idea takes a beating, can only be done when you are primarily successful in having a group of your own which is completely shadowed by your own individual experiences, sensibilities and your knowledge however stupid or smart they might be.

Best and practical reasons for having your own group in a classroom:
  • To feed your ego.
  • To cover your back.
  • To cover your tracks.
  • To support your thoughts, not considering the level of practicalities of such frivolous thoughts.
  • To provide you security in cases where you completely screw up and you know that there are people who will get screwed along with you or for you even without their knowledge.
  • To provide you with resources at times where knowing your stupidity or extra smartness nobody else would be bothered to even look at your side, which again is a result of your own activities. 
  • To provide you support in cases where your stupidity and dumbness leads to a disaster of sorts in a classroom, playground or even in an event.
  •  To stand by your side without realizing that the existence of scenario itself is a result of your manipulations and scheming for your own good.
  • To not make you feel guilty about any failures as they themselves would be thinking on similar lines which will never let the realization creep into the situation.
Your group is nothing but your own world. Many others might contribute to your world but eventually its colored with your own vision. It is an amalgamation of all your thoughts together along with the contributions of others into a whole so that it creates an impact or whatever else you choose to create. The most essential part here is being able to twist people to your convenience so as to keep your will dominating the group and to keep it going.  

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